HkStyle offer IT Consultancy, ICT development, systems and software consultancy in order to give a complete service to our customers and constantly in step with the new technologies. Our group of IT consultants are constantly trained on new technologies and updated components, so as to offer innovative solutions based on ongoing computer evolution. 

What do we want to achieve with our dedicated IT solutions?

  • Data sharing between users
  • Quick data search 
  • Group work and safeguarding of sensitive / general data  

What do we want to guarantee in IT consulting?

  • Security and privacy 
  • Integration with new or previously existing internal IT applications Persistence (Backup)  
  • Reduction of workflow management costs 

Intervention plan

  • IT Audit of Privacy and IT security systems 
  • Consultancy for computerization and implementation of privacy systems in the company 
  • Advice on hardware devices such as Server, PC, Networking, Security, etc.
  • Consulting for project implementation and management (computer networks on mixed and geographically distributed environments) 
  • Consultancy for the creation and management of projects on Virtualization Environments with complex systems on various platforms 
  • Consulting and implementation of projects on Operating Systems: Windows, Apple, Linux

Whatever the size or complexity of the work analyzed, HkStyle will make a site inspection and detailed observation of the IT infrastructure, a project management, that is a future forecast should it be decided to intervene on the infrastructure, made up of hardware upgrade interventions, better performing reconfigurations or possible future installations in order to expand the computer skills of the company concerned.

Information technology is one of the major strengths within a working environment; being able to minimize the timing of communication between two departments allows not only to work better but also to increase business success.

Furthermore, HkStyle operates with two different methods depending on the customer concerned: for small / medium businesses HkStyle takes care of renewing the entire IT infrastructure from scratch, implementing its own hardware (Switch, Firewall, Server, Telephony, Client etc.) and its own configurations, including the entire technical maintenance and update section.

The same applies to large companies, but if an IT manager of the structure is already present, HkStyle also offers support to existing and functioning infrastructures in order to give a better collaboration.

Support (tel: +44 (0)121 790 0602)