IT Infrastructure

The IT Design branded HkStyle

HkStyle offers tailor-made IT facilities, with the creation and management of domain and e-mail servers, in order to meet the needs of each individual client or company.

The entire IT infrastructure will then be managed from the point of view of programming, installation, assistance and maintenance.

The skills of the technical department of HkStyle permit us to create mixed infrastructures based on Microsoft, Apple and Linux so as to be able to use a large choice of different and efficient hardware components. 

The entire infrastructure is developed with redundant backups both locally and in the Cloud, so as to carry out recovery operations at any time and always have backup copies available for use.

The centralization of the management of the activities on the server, permit us to have everything under control the correct functioning of the single elements allowing therefore a complete assistance under every point of view, from the single PC to the main Web server.

Data traffic control systems are also implemented, so as to avoid system blocks and provide the highest amount of bandwidth available to the devices used without internet connection problems and therefore the possibility to manage users directly in the company without any interruption.

Our firewalls are configured in such a way to always obtain complete reports about the security of the developed network, protecting at all time from possible external attacks. Furthermore, each individual data channel is constantly protected and constantly controlled to obtain a secure control immediately and be able to intervene directly at the root of the problem should it occur.

If requested, HkStyle also offers the possibility to carry out an analysis of the existing structure so as to prepare hardware and storage space for future updates.

Finally, HkStyle also takes on IT structures configured and prepared by a previous manager, without any problems in the adaptation of the set-up and subsequent change in the format.

Support (tel: +44 (0)121 790 0602)