Mac Assistance

HkStyle is responsible for carrying out hardware and software repairs on Apple devices, offering the customer clear and precise choices, hardware upgrades or replacements. 

Apple products are used consistently every day by millions of users around the world for their reliability, productivity and accuracy.

The operations on the products of the Cupertino base are very diversified and complex, and thanks to our technical team specialized in these types of systems, the repair takes place quickly and directly. 

In addition to the repair activities on the products we also offer the possibility of operating rentals of individual products so as to help the customer in the best choice for their needs. The choice of a production machine must always be made to measure the need of our clients and this is why the customer is always accompanied during this type of operation.

In addition to selling and renting, the systems engineers in our laboratories are responsible for software and hardware upgrades for all Apple devices: from the replacement of mechanical disks to SSDs, which provide a system performance over 40%, expansion of RAM memories (where possible), formatting and migration / clone from obsolete machines to latest-generation machines.

HkStyle, in the Apple field, also deals with integrating mixed structures, or better managing the possibility of having Apple users and servers of a physical or virtual nature on Windows and other operative systems, such as datastore or other basic devices in the same network such as Linux

The integration of more technologies is possible and, if carried out with full knowledge of the facts and with the right skills, it can be decidedly stable and performing.

At the end of the realization and / or implementation of Apple devices with the Windows environment, HkStyle provides the Client with the necessary training for the use of the newly created or updated IT structure.

Support (tel: +44 (0)121 790 0602)